Top 10 Best Matte Foundations

The cosmetic industry is an over 100-billion-dollar industry. Hence, with foundations being a well-sought cosmetics, the matte foundation market is relatively large. In turn, a broader market allows for the existence of different varieties and brands of matte foundations.

In essence, matte foundations work to give a toned-down look, especially with oily skin. The secret to a matte foundation works very well with your skin and, most importantly, is made purposefully for your skin type, whether it’s oily skin, dry skin, or skin type that’s neither oily nor dry.

Finally, the ultimate goal of making this article is to help your journey of unlocking the right matte foundation product for your skin.

Top 10 Best Matte Foundations

#1. PHOERA Foundation 102 and 103

Phoera Foundation 102 and 103 ,Hilareco Full Coverage Foundation Set, Foundation Brush Powder Brush,5 Makeup Sponge ,Flawless 30ml Natural Matte Oil Control (Nude #102 + Warm Peach #103)

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By Hilareco

There has been a concern of some foundation brands making a face feel stiffened. Phoera foundation is the right brand to tackle this concern. Most importantly, it is lightweight and bends easily to match the skin’s movement with no fear of the foundation looking less glamorous.

In addition to this, it’s for a considerable period after application. Indeed, its most hidden feature is the moisture repair quality that keeps your skin from getting dry.

  • Uniquely bendable foundation
  • Keeps the skin moist
  • Has waterproof quality

#2. NEUTROGENA Skin Clearing Foundation

Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Acne and Blemish Fighting Liquid Foundation with Salicylic Acid Acne Medicine, Shine Controlling, for Acne Prone Skin, 20 Natural Ivory, 1 fl. oz

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By Neutrogena Store

With the tremendous growth of the cosmetic industry. Various brands have made a lot of investments in creating revolutionary foundation line products. In this case, Neutrogena skin clearing is a guarantee or the name being a re-emphasis of what it does.

For example, unlike other foundations that make your face feel clogged and insulated, Neutrogena achieves a breathable feel to its foundation. In essence, it works to ensure that the skin feels as it would without foundation.

  • 12 shade choices available
  • Reduces skin shine
  • Fantastic product for acne treatment

#3. L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Pro-Matte

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation Makeup, 101 Classic Ivory, 1 fl. oz.

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By L’Oreal Paris Store

L’Oreal is the second largest cosmetic brand in the world. Their products are of considerably higher performance quality than most brands. The Pro-Matte foundation achieves similar high-level performance.

For example, the founder lasts up to twenty-four hours, while maintaining the same consistent look you achieved on application. Moreover, with medium skin coverage, you are guaranteed a product that works well to hide any skin imperfections and spots.

  • Well recognized household brand
  • Superior product quality
  • Creamy and lightweight

#4. MAYBELLINE Fit Me Matte

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Makeup, Ivory, 1 fl. oz. Oil-Free Foundation

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By Maybelline New York

They fit me matte has done so well in caring for various skin types and tones by having forty different shades available for your selection. You have no shade mismatch complaint now.

Besides, the foundation works to conceal pores on your face leaving you with a dolled look. Furthermore, the brand comes in two normal varieties to dry skin types and oily to normal skin types. This is the ultimate product choice for you.

  • Wide shade choice available
  • Easily creates a poreless face look
  • Very affordable product

#5. COVERGIRL Clean Matte Liquid Foundation

COVERGIRL Clean Matte Liquid Foundation Ivory 505, 1 oz

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Oily skin is, for sure, the most challenging of skin types. Covergirl foundation has all the necessary elements of making light work of this challenge.

Firstly, the oily skin formula has absorbers which regulate the oil produced by the skin. Secondly, it correctly ensures that it does not block skin pores, which essentially helps to avoid an acne breakout. Thirdly, with oil control, the skin tends to get dry. So, the foundation has conditioners to fight the dryness.

  • Tested and recommended by dermatologists
  • Perfect for oily skin
  • Keeps the skin moist

#6. MAYBELLINE Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, Classic Ivory, 0.64 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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By Maybelline New York

Firstly, the Maybelline brand achieved an amazing airy like texture to its foundation using new processes. Secondly, the airy texture allows good skin coverage, and the foundation easily matches the user’s skin tone.

Thirdly, the brand made significant steps in ensuring that its product is free from any allergens. If you have susceptible skin that reacts to certain foundation components, you now have Maybelline Matte Mousse. The Maybelline brand has set the bar on foundations.

  • Proven and tested as allergen-free
  • Works with all skin types
  • Unrivaled foundation texture

#7. L.A Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation, Fair, 0.95 Fl Oz

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By L.A. Girl Store

While most foundations work to give a good look on the surface. L.A girl brand dived deeper into skincare by having a paraben lacking formula and antioxidants to ensure that the skin is healthy.

Also, the foundation is packed in a bottle that uses a pump on the application. As a result, it allows for very controlled use and eliminates spill. Lastly, this item puts the customer first by having fifteen different shade varieties available.

  • Uses pump application
  • Has no Paraben
  • Perfect for dry to normal skin types

#8. PHOERA Matte Liquid Foundation

PHOERA Matte Liquid Foundation

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By Funfunman Store

A good foundation works to cover any blemishes on your skin to give that flawless look. Phoera matte does exactly this. Furthermore, it contains elements that regulate the oils released from the skin. Hence, you don’t have to worry about a shiny appearance after application of this product.

Also, the foundation has been made to allow use of different skin types. Consequently, this works to ease your burden of seeking that right foundation for your skin.

  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Minimizes oily skin appearance
  • Enables good skin coverage

#9. RIMMEL Stay Matte Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Soft Beige 1 Fluid Ounce Bottle Soft Matte Powder Finish Foundation for a Naturally Flawless Look

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By Rimmel Store

Rimmel liquid foundation works to balance out an uneven skin tone by concealing the darker patches and spots. Hence, after application, your skin looks smoother and with reduced shine.

Moreover, the lightness of gives a feeling of not having applied any foundation at all when you have. Also, it has been proven and tested to last up to eight hours and more. All in all, this product most certainly cannot disappoint you or your skin in particular.

  • Contains no oils
  • Longer lasting effect
  • Light in application and on skin

#10. E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation

e.l.f., Flawless Finish Foundation, Lightweight, Oil-free formula, Full Coverage , Blends Naturally, Restores Uneven Skin Textures and Tones, Natural, Semi-Matte, SPF 15, All-Day Wear, 0.68 Fl Oz

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By e.l.f. Store

First and foremost, e.l.f lightweight formula takes the liquid route to its foundation production. As a result, the foundation covers the skin better and smoother than possible with cream-based matte foundations.

Secondly, it does not feel heavy at all on the face. Leaving you and your skin looking and feeling radiant. Lastly, the brand is available in different shades to complement your skin tone and make you feel very confident in its use.

  • Certified by PETA on cruelty freeness
  • Evens out the skin
  • Smoother and fuller coverage application